Jasmine & Alex Engaged – Proposal in the Boston Public Gardens

Here’s a photoshoot unlike anything I’ve shot before: a proposal as it was happening! It’s of my good friends, Alex and Jasmine. She’s always said that she wanted this moment in her life captured on camera, so Alex asked me to help out as he was wrapping up the final details of his super romantic Boston Public Garden proposal.  It was super cold, but all the excitement took over the fact that I really had to pee. For my photographer friends out there I want to say that there was practically no available light and my camera, Canon 5d MK2 and 70-200mm 2.8 IS 2 lens were maxed out. Anyway, my wife Erin is also great friends with the couple and was along on the adventure with me, so she’ll be telling you the rest of the story:

Alex and Jasmine met last October at the San Diego wedding of their mutual friends. Alex thought Jasmine was cute, a friend put in the good word, they had fun that night, and began to keep in touch from afar—with Alex living in DC and Jasmine in Boston. The two started officially dating that winter, and, thankfully, the long distance part of their relationship ended in the summer when Alex moved to Boston for law school. Both were thrilled to be in the same city, and their relationship grew as they got to spend every week together.

Alex planned the perfect Boston proposal, by recreating the first day they ever experienced in the city together, last December. They grabbed drinks at a Boylston Street bar, played 20 questions, picked up some Starbucks, and walked through Back Bay, with the Public Garden as their destination.

That’s where Mikhail and I were waiting, with details from Alex. We scoped out the area and hid behind a tree, worried that if Jasmine saw us in the park, she’d be suspicious. Around 6:30, we saw their familiar coats round the path at the swan boat pond in the Garden, so we quickly ducked behind the tree, our heads peering out to catch the action.

Alex pulled Jasmine closed. He had one question left in the game they were playing, but he was prepared. He had written, “Will you marry me?” on a beer coaster (which he always used to send Jasmine in the mail back when they were living in separate cities).  Like the gentleman he is, he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. You could tell she was shocked as she shrieked and threw her hands over her mouth.

It was beyond awesome to be there to witness this entire thing! We’re so happy for them; they’re both incredibly smart, talented, and fun, and are absolutely amazing friends to have, so it’s no wonder that they make an incredible couple. We can’t wait for their wedding! In the meantime, check out the photos.

5 Responses to “Jasmine & Alex Engaged – Proposal in the Boston Public Gardens”

  1. mark says:

    this is awesome!

  2. Kate says:

    Aw. So sweet!

  3. Kathy says:

    Congratulations! Great pictures!

  4. Blaine says:

    Congrats you two. What a romantic time and memory you will have. And way to go to the cameraman and his wife. Loved the photos.

  5. Paper Moss says:

    PRECIOUS!!! I just love these photos- they’re both BEAMING!