Bob & Jenn’s awesome hotel marlowe cambridge, ma wedding

Wow, alright… dance dance revolution, party central… whatever you call it—there was lots of dancing. This post could be all dance pics… but Mom and Dad might not like that. I had a blast hanging out with Bob and Jenn—who happen to be crazy-go-nuts in love. Hotel Marlowe, I thought, was a fantastic and beautiful hotel. The lovely flowers were provided by Danielson Flowers and the sweet beats by DJ Bells. So here are just a few moments I had the most finest honor to capture. Enjoy!

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3 Responses to “Bob & Jenn’s awesome hotel marlowe cambridge, ma wedding”

  1. Katie Pietrowski says:

    BEST WORK YET MY FRIEND! Seriously awesome… that 35mm is treating you VERY well.

  2. Max Lopatin says:

    Very sexy photos bro… Seriously

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