Adam & Aileen New Year’s Wedding at the Omni Parker House

I had an amazing time with Adam, Aileen, and their super sweet families at the Omni Parker House hotel in Boston on New Year’s Eve. Adam & Aileen are both insanely smart, talented, funny and, most importantly, kind. I really loved the classy yet fun mood of the evening. The New Year’s props on the dance floor were a perfect touch! Oh and makeup by the very talented Zoe.

9 Responses to “Adam & Aileen New Year’s Wedding at the Omni Parker House”

  1. Svetlana says:

    You documented the day beautifully! Lovely photos, the couple must be thrilled. :))

  2. Pasha Belman says:

    Congratulations to the couple. The photos turned out awesome.. Great photography.

  3. Adrian Bors says:


  4. Awesome job! Nice city shots. Keep it up.

  5. Katie Pietrowski says:

    love love love! That little kid shot is TOO much!

  6. Selene Chow says:

    beautiful wedding couples, beautiful place, beautiful pictures…could share the joy even I was not there. Congratulations again! (Hong Kong)

  7. bunnie Wong says:

    Please see below to describe the sweet couple:

    I will bring you flowers
    every morning for your breakfast
    and you will kiss me
    with flowers in your mouth
    and you will bring me flowers
    every morning when you wake
    and look at me with flowers in your eyes

    by Heather Holden

  8. Phinney says:

    Lost track of how many times I looked through these photos. What a magical and beautiful day! A big thank you to Mikhail for his insanely gifted work!

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